Millie O'Brien 


Owner/Master Instructor

Millie started her Pilates career in Bellingham, WA while in graduate school. She found Pilates to be the most well-rounded and challenging practice that she has ever found. Having been a runner for most her life, Pilates helped to both enhance and repair the stress running had caused to her body. In 2003 and 2005, Millie became certified through the Physical Mind Institute and Polestar Pilates.

After moving to Oregon in 2006, Millie opened Verve Pilates Studio. During her years in Oregon, Millie began taking Movement Medicine Courses through Balanced Body University with Nora St. John. These courses have guided Millie and help to bring a different approach and practice to her Pilates instruction, one that takes every individual and every body into consideration when creating a Pilates program.

In 2013 Millie moved to the Central Valley and is now opening Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno. Millie wants to bring her passion for making Pilates approachable to everyone to Fresno. Bringing awareness to her clients' biomechanics and movement patterns as well as bringing a contemporary approach to traditional Pilates exercises Millie believes Pilates can become a lifelong pursuit.

Millie became a Master Teacher Trainer through Balanced Body Pilates in 2014 and is now offering Pilates Reformer, Mat, Apparatus,

Anatomy in 3-D  and Bodhi Suspension System teacher certifications.

Millie offers highly specialized Private sessions for those with special conditions including but not limited to: Scoliosis, SI Joint Dysfunction, Bulging Discs, Spondylolysthesis, Stenosis, Osteoporosis, Piriformis Syndrome, Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Undiagnosed Back Pain, Tendonitis, and Arthritis. 

Physical Mind Institute 2003

Polestar Pilates 2005

PMA Certified 2013

Balanced Body Teacher Trainer 2013




Kristen Freeland

Certified Pilates Instructor (Reformer, Mat and Apparatus)

Certified Bodhi Instructor


Kristen discovered Pilates through her background in dance and received her Pilates training through Teri Steele in 2007 and Ellie Herman in 2010 in New York City. Since then, she has taught private clients and mixed level groups in various settings in New York and California. Now she is excited to begin teaching in her hometown of Fresno!
Particularly interested in the rehabilitative aspects of exercise, she also has experience as a Physical Therapy Aide at established outpatient clinics and currently works in the acute care setting. 

Kristen has experience working with a variety of Pilates clients, from those recovering from injury to dancers, athletes and everyone in between.

She enjoys helping her clients challenge themselves and be more present in how they live in their body, to truly help others improve upon their physical, mental and emotional health.


 Millie O'Brien

Millie O'Brien

Lauren Yengoyan

Certified Pilates Instructor (Reformer and Mat)

Certified Bodhi Instructor

In 2007 Lauren returned home to Fresno to work for her family’s Design Build Construction Firm. A competitive equestrian on the hunter/jumper circuit, Lauren decided to leave her horses at a Northern California training facility, freeing up time only on weekends for her to practice. Seeking an exercise program that would keep her physically strong and mentally sharp when she was not riding, Lauren started taking regular Pilates sessions. Quickly she was hooked. In 2015, Lauren decided to embark on obtaining Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat and Bodhi certification through Balanced Body.

Taught by Verve Pilates of Fresno Studio Owner and Master Instructor, Millicent O’Brien, Lauren’s appreciation and knowledge of both classical and contemporary Pilates has become even greater. Lauren enjoys assisting clients in continuing their personal practice and introducing new clients to the world of Pilates.

Lauren has completed her Comprehensive Teacher Training.













 Lauren Yengoyan

Lauren Yengoyan

Erin Emerson

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Bodhi Suspension System Instructor

Erin first found Pilates in 2002 while recovering from a back injury. As a fitness instructor in her late 20's she knew fitness shouldn't make your body feel miserable, so she looked for a better way to improve fitness without taxing joints and muscles beyond their capacity. Studying and practicing Pilates has enabled her to understand how to bring balance, strength and flexibility to her life and those she is privileged to guide in their own practice. A few hours a week can make a world of difference for anyone wanting to have a strong, connected body. She is certified through Power Pilates and Peak Pilates in the methods of teaching Mat Pilates as well as on the Reformer and other apparatus. She began her training in 2002, taking classes through the school of Boston Pilates Education, and finished her formal training in December of 2003.

After privately training clients for a couple of years (2002-2004), she continued to teach Mat Pilates classes in numerous different settings after her first child was born. Now, 15 years later, she is a mom to 3 children, a business owner in the Health and Wellness Industry, and has a very active lifestyle. She has never lost her passion for the perfect blend of strength conditioning and flexibility that Pilates offers anyone who wants to improve their sport, past injury, alignment, mind/body connection, or lifestyle in general.

Erin’s trainers have said that one of her strong suits is her ability to read her clients and help them adjust and modify the movements so that they can challenge their bodies to find deeper strength and flexibility in their practice.

  Erin Emerson

Erin Emerson