Not all Pilates Studios or places where Pilates is taught employ Certified Instructors. We believe it is of utmost importance that all of our instructors are qualified and Certified. We don't believe that "Pain equals Gain". You shouldn't hurt when walking away from class. We know the difference between muscle soreness and joint or ligament pain. Our instructors went through rigorous and lengthy training from accredited instructors. They did not just get certified over one weekend. 

At Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno, we believe that Pilates in it's inception was meant to evolve and change with time. As we learn more about the human body our approach to Pilates must change with new knowledge gained. Joseph Pilates was a foreword thinking and intelligent man. He was ahead of his time and much of his work is still valid and now supported by science. We use all of that original work and much of his original apparatus but have expanded upon it.

We approach Pilates having studied classical Pilates but armed with current research and a contemporary approach. Our sessions and manner of teaching keep every body in mind. Not every movement is good for every body!  We also provide the latest equipment at Verve Pilates Studio. Sessions at the studio take place on Balanced Body Allegro 2, Combination Chair, Tower or Trapeze Table as well as the Pilates Arc, Pilates Orbit and other props to enhance your movement experience. This equipment keeps our Pilates routines fresh and exciting. We are also the first studio in the valley offering Bodhi Suspension System. Bodhi is similar to other suspension equipment in that you use your own body weight as well as a system of straps (or in the case of Bodhi) ropes. These ropes offer feedback as well as resistance. The Bodhi rope system is much more gentle on the body, particularly the joints and fascia. It is also an independent 4 point suspension system. That means there are more capabilities for advanced balance and stability and core training.

 All of our sessions, with the exception of Bodhi Suspension System, are Private or Semi-Private. That means our sessions are either Singles, Duets or Trios. This allows for the best possible workout to keep you safe and moving to the best of your ability.


We look forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to contact us with class desires, wants and needs. 


Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno