Private sessions are designed to both assess and create routines for the individuals' needs, whether you are recovering from an injury, or looking to enhance a specific skill, privates can be as versatile as the individual. The unique and awesome nature of Pilates is that depending on the area of focus it can bring you back from a crippling injury or illness or challenge the most elite athlete. Our instructors are trained to work with all types of populations. Regardless of age, gender, profession or background, Pilates can help meet your goals.Some of the conditions we work with are Bulging Discs, Scoliosis, Hip Replacement, Shoulder Replacement, SI Joint Dysfunction, Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Just to name a few.  In these sessions we use specialized Pilates Apparatus including Trapeze Table, Allegro 2 Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Pilates Arc.


At Verve Pilates Studio our sessions aren't one size fits all. Each session format is created daily with each client in mind. In addition to our newly created routines our instructors are trained to look at alignment and posture to create the safest and most well-informed environment for our clients. We keep injuries and pre-conditions in mind with anatomy and specialized training in our background for the best workout experience Fresno has to offer. Limited to two people, these sessions are as close to having a one-on-one experience without being one-on-one. In these sessions you will use the Allegro 2 Reformer, Tower, Chair and Pilates Arc as well as Pilates Orbit and other small props.


Group Reformer Class still offers an intimate and specialized session but a little closer to a group class. Sessions take place on Allegro 2 Reformers, Pilates Arc, Pilates Orbit and other small props. Class is limited to three people. Because the sessions are intimate and small, you will receive the correction and feedback needed to ensure proper alignment and engagement. 


Group Class Bodhi Suspension System™ 

Bodhi is Balanced Body's newest creation. It's the world's first four point suspension training  The Bodhi system uses similar technology to products like TRX wherein you use your own body weight and physics to create more challenge and resistance. Bodhi's strap system is much gentler on the joints with give in the ropes instead of a jarring strap.  With Balanced Body's Bodhi both the hands and feet can be suspended to create true suspension. Bodhi is a fun unique way to work on balance, gait, lower and upper body strength as well as flexibility and core strength. Bodhi is good for all ability levels because you can create more or less work depending on how much of your own body weight you use. 


About Apparatus

Reformer is a great class for an introduction to Pilates apparatus. The Reformer is supportive as well as resistance based.  The Reformer includes a moving carriage, straps and pulleys as well as spring resistance. Reformer classes are great for both flexibility as well as strength training. It is one of the most  versatile pieces of apparatus. Reformer can be appropriate for the beginner all the way through the advanced practitioner.

 The Trapeze Table can be utilized for rehabilitation and then the most advanced of the Pilates repertoire can be performed on it. As with nearly all Pilates apparatus, resistance and assistance are spring based. The Trapeze is excellent for increasing flexibility, helping clients find muscles that have become atrophied, and working the entire body with "Trapeze" like exercises including the Hanging series where full body pull-ups are performed.

The Combination Chair/Exo Chair is an athlete's dream. The Chair is a mostly resistance based piece of equipment great for working the lower body, upper body and core. Much of the work can be done with single leg and single arm to work on gait and imbalances created by dominance between sides.

The Ladder Barrel is geared toward working Flexion and Extension in the spine but also great for working flexibility and some strength. The articulation of the spine performed on the Ladder Barrel is hard to mimic and find anywhere else.

Pilates Orbit is combined with the Pilates Arc and other small apparatus to create more circular movement in the body. The orbit is a platform on four wheels that you move with the upper and lower body as well as stabilize with abdominals. This apparatus again has the potential to create a much more intense but fun workout. Balance and stability are a goal and requirement for most exercises. This class would be recommended for those who have a little Pilates experience under their belt. 

The Pilates Arc allows for a deeper connection to the abdominals as well as provides a great way to add more extension, flexion and lateral flexion into the mat repertoire.  We also use many other smaller props in combination with the mat to create a variety of exercises to keep the body and mind challenged.